Why analytical skills are so important?

Erkan Malçok
3 min readOct 30, 2019
Old Methods : New Approach

Start to observe and take notes.

Understanding problems and analyzing the situation for viable solutions is a key skill in every position at every level.

We use analytical skills every day when we are observing [ Your neighbour’s new car] or detecting patterns [Mom’s Warning Systems]. We are making decisions based on multiple factors [colours, shape, aesthetics]. As a designer it is your responsibility that before acting, I strongly advise to reconsider.

These days, our brain is too busy to focus. Time is limited and your resources. You have to choose the right object and right time. When they are interested in those objects or images or pictures, they will be able to see it. Until that sweet moment you cannot have it. It’s a blind period.

When I started a career in advertising as a curious person, I figured out that it is difficult to sell an idea to any sceptical people. By nature, some people have strong processing skills to analyse. Most of them they were not surprised or interested in. It’s challenging but not impossible. Everyone can be trapped by an idea or objects. You just need to have a better insight. Iterations is not assuming; is more an approaching methods.

A fish or An Eye

For example; it is obvious today that men are better in terms of the sense of direction — questions them their ability, and women are better in remembering — they never forget a mistake. Women remember landmarks and objects better — use in your designs, which plays a significant role in advertising. It is not a secret that we have more women brands than men’s brands.

Let’s start with a question. Rule 2 : Do not feel them that you are in doubts!

Which objects or pictures makes your audiences happier?

A simple question but the fact is there are many answers. Design is actions of conceiving and art of leaving no margin of doubt. Not only a decorative pattern. There is always a reason behind your decisions. Just create your impact or plan wisely according to your goal. And improve it according to the results. Make them happy is a…

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